CORE wins Remediation & Infrastructure job in Widnes

CDP Developments Ltd (part of the Marshall Group) has awarded a contract covering remediation and infrastructure works at a former factory site in Widnes to CORE.

The remediation works were put out to competitive tender with CORE, experts in civil engineering and remediation, ultimately chosen to provide a solution that will deliver and integrate with the planned construction programme.

The project will see construction of a spine new road, S278 works, excavation and processing of significant quantity of relict slabs and foundations as well as disposal/treatment of contaminated material to allow for future development of the site.

CORE is required to be on site on Gorsey Lane in Widnes by 18th September with a full commencement of work planned for 25th September. The program of works will last for 6 months.

The area of the site covers 150,000m2. CORE’s contract includes:-

  • Removal of all vegetation and disposal of topsoil – circa 90,000m2
  • Construction of new Spine Road with footpath/cycle-way
  • Installation of drainage, street lighting, road signs
  • Highway tie in
  • Remediation works to comprise break out and crush for reuse tarmac and concrete (circa 45,000m2) and removal of contaminated waste / bio-remediate (approx. 6,000m3)
  • Excavation and processing of relict foundations measuring 20,000m3
  • Removal of all redundant drainage/pipework/existing services

Comments Alan Cooper, Director at CORE: “Developing contaminated sites can be a challenge. There are legacy issues relating to the previous use of the site, however we are confident in our expertise in remediating sites and we shall ensure any contaminated areas will be securely dealt with.

“The industrial legacy has been seen as a constraint on development, but with the correct remediation strategy in place, the regeneration benefits of the site are clear. The proposed redevelopment of the site will strengthen the area’s commercial character and offer a positive response to the existing highway network.”

CORE’s value proposition comprises the full range of civil engineering, and associated project management services. Through a fully integrated approach, CORE delivers unparalleled certainty to meet the bespoke requirements of its clients.


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