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It has been 10 weeks since we started work on site in Harrogate for Beckwith Knowle Developments, and despite some hold-ups – thanks to COVID-19 – quite a lot has happened!

CORE is currently carrying out a further infrastructure package of work that includes highways and services installation to a new commercial development.

It includes 140m of new road construction, new footpaths, approx. 450m of drainage including attenuation, new services and signage.

On site we have :-
1 x 25T Excavator
1 x 14T Excavator
1 x 6 T Dumper
1 x 9 T Dumper
1 x Ramax Roller
1 x 120 Roller

Progress in latest period includes:

* Completed the topsoil strip to the footprint of the road.
* Completed Highway surface-water drainage
* Installed the flow control manhole
* Commenced installing the 900mm attenuation pipes approx. 52m.
* Commenced the protection slab to the 900mm pipes approx. 38m
* Installed 4 x gully pots
* Completed installing the private foul water drainage including the manhole
* Completed installing private surface water drainage including the manhole chambers
* Commenced the reduce level dig to the site entrance.

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