Birds-eye view of completed works in Rockingham

Check out this birds-eye view of the amazing work completed by the CORE team in Rockingham!

Scope of work included:

– Removal of 15,000m2 of tarmac
– Bulk excavation 7,500m3
– Bulk fill 27,000m3
– Car park 107,000m2 (including 2 layers of tarmac)
– Over 2,000m of drainage, of which 920m is over 450mm diameter
– 55,000 st. ft building of structural steel with mezzanine and cladding.

The new facility provides vehicle processing space and a capacity to process over 50,000 vehicles a year.

The ongoing investment in the 250 acre facility is part of an overall strategy to create the UK’s leading independent automotive logistics centre with vehicle storage capacity along with large scale PDI and de-fleet vehicle processing facilities.

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