Cobalt Drone Footage

The latest footage from our site in Cobalt shows enabling works completed for a new industrial warehouse scheme for Marshall Commercial Development Projects. Cobalt in Oldham offers two units of 61,500 sq ft and 43,250 sq ft to let or for sale.

Works remaining are just the surfacing to footpaths & carriageways following completion of service installations by others.

The Key Construction Elements were:

·        The on-site treatment/relocation of invasive plants species

·        Topsoil strip

·        Removal of existing concrete slabs and crushing for hardcore

·        Cut & fill earthworks

·        Stabilisation of existing ground

·        Installation of drainage

·        Diversion of an existing water course and the installation of box culverts

·        Construction of concrete retaining walls and outfall structure

·        Construction of gabion retaining walls

·        Construction of a main access road

·        Construction of stone plateaus for the new units, service yards and car parks

·        S278 Works to form new site entrance

Challenges unique to this project were the poor ground conditions which was solved by the use of ground stabalisation, also the management & diversion of the existing stream to allow construction of new culvert.


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