Lakeside, Doncaster

Lovell Homes Remediation

Lovell Homes
10 weeks
Residential Development

CORE was awarded a remediation contract by Lovell Homes, for a large new residential development site at Lakeside near Doncaster.  The enabling works included re-engineering the road corridor, installation of a capping layer to the proposed road, earthworks cut & fill, formation of a piling platform and installation of piling mats.

The site remediation and earthworks package included :-

– Topsoil strip

– Excavation of made ground beneath the road footprints to a depth of around 1.5m and removal of a band of peat which varied in depth from 300mm to 1m, engineer the made ground back into the road footprint to form the road sub formation.

– Re-grading of the site and laying stone pile mats (for the plots) together with haul roads

– Installation of the compound for Lovell with associated works

– Testing carried out to satisfaction of Doncaster MBC

– Total volume of peat excavated and disposed off site circa 6,400m3

The highways authority would not accept the peat below the road corridor, therefore the peat overburden was removed. The overburden was subsequently re-engineered back in place as part of a site-wide cut and fill, bringing the road corridor to underside of capping layer.

The peat was taken from site to a licensed landfill due to its chemical composition. CORE’s scope also included cut and fill to the remainder of the site to form development plateaus.

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