United Kingdom


Commercial Development Projects Ltd (part of the Marshall Group)
October 2017 - September 2018
Form of Contract
Infrastructure , Remediation
Commercial Development

CDP Developments Ltd (part of the Marshall Group) awarded CORE an infrastructure contract covering remediation works at a former factory site in Widnes. The remediation works were put out to competitive tender with CORE, experts in civil engineering and remediation, ultimately chosen to provide a solution that could deliver and integrate with the planned construction programme.

The project included construction of a spine new road, S278 works, excavation and processing of significant quantity of relict slabs and foundations as well as disposal/treatment of contaminated material to allow for future development of the site.

The area of the site covers 150,000m2. CORE’s scope of works included:-

  • Removal of all vegetation and disposal of topsoil – circa 90,000m2
  • Construction of new Spine Road with footpath/cycle-way
  • Installation of drainage, street lighting, road signs
  • Highway tie in
  • Remediation works to comprise break out and crush for reuse tarmac and concrete (circa 45,000m2) and removal of contaminated waste / bio-remediate (approx. 6,000m3)
  • Excavation and processing of relict foundations measuring 20,000m3
  • Removal of all redundant drainage/pipework/existing services

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