Reepham, Norfolk

Reepham, Norfolk

Commercial Development Projects Ltd (part of the Marshall Group)
September 2019 - ongoing
Form of Contract
JCT 16

Existing client CDP has awarded a new project to CORE in the shape of a remediation, earthworks and highways job in Reepham, Norwich.

The plans for the former station yard site off Cawston Road/Stony Lane include a 60-bed, two-storey care home and 35 assisted flats and bungalows for over 75s, as well as commercial offices and a small convenience store/mini supermarket.

The project is reported to cost £10 million and will create employment for more than 150 people.

The site will feature appropriate landscaping, including retention of some existing, mature trees, and amenity space, while new access to both the new development and the existing retail business/tea room at Kerri’s Farmhouse Pine will improve visibility onto Cawston Road.

Meanwhile, Stony Lane will be widened and a new footpath created, all within the site ownership.

CORE commenced initial site works in September 2019 which included surface water outfall drainage to site – the drainage runs through Marriott’s way which is the old rail line and eventually to an existing ditch.

These works are within a sensitive area as Marriott’s way is a ‘live’ walkway/ cycle route and CORE is doing everything possible to keep this open to the public.

Other works include the removal of contaminated material and screening of the material into separate stockpiles, Earthworks/ cut and fill, relocation of fill material from one end of the site to other.